okay back to the normal carrd with no traces of being fucking crazy


theres a lot i know i have untreated mental illness

no doubles! im delusional :)

eugene fitzherbert (tangled)
hal emmerich (metal gear)
yamcha (dragon ball)
kristoff bjorgman (frozen)
kevin levin (ben 10)
cole brookstone (ninjago)
heath burns (monster high)
joey wheeler (yugioh)
broly (dragon ball)

doubles iffy!

tim drake (dcu)
mighty (sonic)
jet (sonic)
leorio paladiknight (hxh)
michael afton (fnaf)
jeff koval (emh)
r (warm bodies)
scourge (sonic)
adam (beauty and the beast)
jeice (dragon ball)
tapion (dragon ball)
rodrick heffley (u know)
shining armor (mlp)
jack frost (rise of the guardians)
luke (the walking dead game)
stephen stills (scott pilgrim)
prince edward (enchanted)
beck (tron uprising)
rex dangervest (lego movie 2)

doubles EPIC!!!!

eyeless jack (creepypasta)
tim wright (marble hornets)
peter quill (mcu)
todd morrison (sally face)
infinite (sonic)
gary (ib)
urotsuki (y2)
mephiles (sonic)
android 17 (dragon ball)
mike (subway surfers)
nick wilde (zootopia)
morro (ninjago) but like its a jokw
super saiyan 4 in general
theres a lot more i forgot cuz idc
about these ones that much

( Made with Carrd )